18lb Conc. Compost 2-6-3 Soil Conditioner

Features :
• Increases beneficial soil microbial populations
• Improves soil structure; porosity and stability; leading to greater root development
• Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil
• Feeds plants for up to 3 months
• Reduces nutrient lost from leaching
• Buffers soil PH >> Providing you with the benefits of a nutrient rich compost in a                       concentrated dry form.

It is a soil amendment that is both a high-quality compost and an organic fertilizer. It replenishes the soil with stabilized organic matter; beneficial microorganisms and essential nutrients required for healthy plant growth. 

Use concentrated compost to improve garden soils, potting mixes and to rebuild depleted soils. Be sure to apply at the beginning of the growing season or once every three months.


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