#3 “Rose Glow Barberry” Berberis Thunbergii

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Rose Glow Barberry has dark green leaves that grow on the centre branches. From these, grow several arching branches bearing maroon, burgundy, and mottled pink, white and red leaves. In the fall, small oval scarlet-red shiny berries appear on the lower green-leaved branches. A beautiful plant for hedges or barrier planting.
–  Full sun
–  Well-drained soil
–  Growth 5′ H x 4′ W
–  Zones 4-9

If you are not familiar with this shrub, you should be careful and wear thick gloves when planting as they hold a secret. Without gloves you may be surprised by being stabbed by one of their very sharp long thorns that hide among its leaf clusters along the length of the branches. Once your Rose Glow Barberry is planted, there’s no need to worry about the thorns as no pruning is necessary. You can just enjoy its beauty and watch the deer avoid this shrub as they don’t like the thorns. A huge bonus indeed!